urban planning

Brownfield Karolina - Ostrava


address Ostrava - Karolina centrum

concept 2006

area 36 ha

client Sekyra Group

photo/image VIZE


Karolina is an extensive area that used to house several heavy industry factories. Following termination of production in 1970s, the area became the largest reserve of space available for development in the centre of the city of Ostrava. Blanket reclamation left only three buildings standing – the Librex shopping centre, the locksmiths’ workshops and twin manufacture halls, all representing valuable industrial architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries, all listed. The revitalisation project proposes multifunctional utilisation of the estate implemented in four successive stages. The main aim and the base idea is to preserve the existing urban structure and expand the city centre southwards, while investing the new development with multifaceted utility – a shopping gallery, office buildings, Ostrava university campus, dormitories, residential houses with ground level shops, high-rise office building, city council premises, medical centre, school, residential areas, central park, stone art collection, swimming pool and sports facilities.