urban planning

Prague - Barrandov

Urban study

address Hlubočepy, Malá Chuchle

concept 2011

area 22 ha


photo/image CASUA


The designed urban solution proposes to change the master-plan of Prague in the developing area, to replace a part of the existing pipeline and to demolish abandoned workshops on the northwest.
The urban composition is based on functional zones of the developing area. The first zone includes barrier administrative buildings due to negative environment influences such as transport transits along the Barrandov street. The related zone is a protection zone of the pipeline and it is not built up. This zone includes transport and pedestrian communications and a park area. The further zone on the border with the protection zone includes housing with green roofs. This zone is connected with a green slope  which creates “a new green horizon” for exterior scenes while film-making.
The buildings heights arrangement depends on this “green horizon”. Buildings have mostly 4 floors. The height of buildings increases on the northwest part where they don't break the “green horizon” and at the same time have the best panoramic views on Prague.