Malešice Apartments


05/2016 svoboda &

Presentation of the atelier Casua



SKANSKA Headquarter - CORSO Court Prague Karlin


03/2015 Luxusní nové bydlení

České terasy


07/2014 Architecture, Buildings, Design



06/2012 Realit- Urban Planning and Sustainability


05/2012 Domov - Worst of all,, tower blocks horizontally "


05/2012 Epravo - Where's heading contemporary architecture?


11/2011 ASB - CASUA: The symbiosis between architects and engineers


08/2011 Hospodářské noviny - Korunní Residence


08/2011 Arch - Studio Casua (atelier at the stadium)


6/2011 Changing The Face - DuPont Photostream,

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4/2011 Česká - Centrum Malešice

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1/2011 Czech Union of Civil Engineers - Principles of placing high-rise buildings in Prague

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12/2010 - Residential Complex Czech terraces, Kazakhstan

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11/2010 iMateriály - Studio Casua has the highest award from the Association of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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1/2010 Designmag - Residential Complex Czech terraces, Kazakhstan

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2/2009 - Centrum architektury - Casua - From Detail to the City

"Among the provocative works of bohemian architects and anonymous architectural production is an area that is the backbone of architecture. It creates an image of cities and landscapes , forms the appearance of buildings and streets and interiors of houses and apartments. It creates the right architectural culture, which an enthusiastic hiker is looking for and subconsciously perceives quiet pedestrian who daily passes around buildings centered in the city and scattered across the landscape .

Prague studio Casua had the second decade of work in this extremely important area . His achievements evidenced by the large number of high quality architectural and urbanistic realizations with distinctive architectural expression and design quality. Creation of the studio has a close contact with international trends, which can connect with an understanding of the client's interests and take advantage of the rapidly emerging building technologies. As Professor Rostislav Švácha has said about the studio CASUA: They build with joy "

Prof. Ing.arch. Matúš Dulla, DrSc, 2009

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1/2009 Stavebnictví - Korunní Residence


10/2008 Archiweb - Korunní Residence

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9/2008 ASB - Multifunctional Stadium at Hradec Králové


4/2008 Development news - Casua in Europe


1/2008 Era 21 - Study about principles of placing high-rise buildings in Prague


10/2007 Hobulet - The city of  Prague 7, MF DNES - Strossmayerovo náměstí


9/2007 iDNES -  Nové Petřiny  Residence

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7/2007 Bydlení.cz - Nové Petřiny Residence

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6/2007 Real Estate - Prague post - Fountains


2/2007 Association for Urban and Regional Planning of the Czech Republic - River Stories


2/2003 Architekt - Faculty of Science at Olomouc, competition