Air Navigation Services Building

address Praha západ - Jeneč

concept 2001

area-gifa 45 800 m2

client Air Navigation Services

photo/image Images FX


The proposal was made in two variants of solutions:

Option A:

The basic concept is to create a mono-block which from the outside presents itself as simple geometric shape. In contrary the interior space is divided to three parallel mass units – an administrative block, social, sporting, gastronomic block and block of control rooms. This corresponds to the separation into security zones 1 to 3. Three open spaces - streets - of different width covered with a glass structure at level of 4th floor are resulting among three blocks. These three streets spaces in accordance to character of use are filled by nature, water feature, relaxation activities etc. ...

Option B:

In contrary to the first proposal based on creating its own world inside of geometric cover, second proposal clearly defines shapes according to functions and let them act freely in an outdoor environment.

The architectural design is based on two contrasts – shaping and material. The intersection of two cubic perpendicular blocks is in contrast with organic shape of control room roof in the shape resembling a shape of airplane wing. The second contrast consist in different expression of transparent glass facade on cubic shaped volumes and aeronautical aluminium casing of control rooms. The control room block is situated separately inside the greenery with only connection by communication neck.