Equator European Architects (EEA) is an international network of European architectural studios, founded in 1991. We are architects who live and work across Europe. Our pan-European coverage and experience allows us to take a lead in the development of a sustainable society by exchanging experience and knowledge with more intensity than ever. We understand the complexity of international business as well as the specifics from each market. Within our network, we have established long-term working relationship to ensure successful cross-border projects.


Green Building Council

Green Building Council, 09/03/11
In Equator European Architects new edition of Living in Europe you can read an interview with Ms. Jane Henley, Chief Executive Officer, World Green Building Council (WGBC), and Mr Roger Platt, Senior Vice President, U.S Green Building Council (US GBC) Read the whole interview here.


Living in Europe

Equator is proud to present the 6th edition of Living in Europe.

Almost three years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the tragic starting point of the financial crisis, a quick outlook will tell that the world of today looks slightly different. Not only does the recovery from the crisis differ when comparing countries. But as Barack Obama stated in his latest state of the union speech, the international competition has become even harder, presenting India and China as major players at the scene casting for lead actor not just supporting roles and investing in research and new technologies, among many things renewable energy sources. Listening to his speech an obvious conclusion must be that sustainable development has become not only an odd subject for the interested few but a tool for international competitiveness with a strong political back up. Today, the cities and regions of Europe compete not just by building elegant operas and museums but through ambitious development plans, often stating carbon free cities by the midst of the century. Of course this will affect the lifestyle of all us. But, since the real estate and construction industry are responsible for a major part of the total energy consumption, the task is even more challenging for all engaged parties in the complex business of urban development.

obrazek1 As architects at Equator we are facing all aspects of the sustainable challenge in our everyday work, aiming at designing energy efficient buildings using sustainable technology and environmental friendly construction materials, also adding aspects of financial and social responsibility to our task. With this edition of Living in Europe we want to present some actions, projects and initiatives done locally to contribute to the current global green revolution.

Living in Europe is our guide to help you not only to be local in Europe, but our inspiring guide to a sustainable lifestyle.

Annica Carlsson
President of Equator European Architects




Rohansky Island