interior design

Credit Suisse - Winterthur - Axa Office

address Praha 2, Lazarská street

concept 2005

project 2005

implementation 2006

area-gifa 1 080 m²

client Credit Suisse / Winterthur / Axa

photo/image Ondřej Polák


This project is concerned with refurbishment of offices on the fourth floor of a historical building in the Lazarska street. The interior is constructionally open as much as possible; the required divisions are facilitated by removable partitions. The resulting offices range from cubicles to halls, separated by removable glass and solid partitions and/or furniture. The glazed parts are optically separated by patterns of Helvetian crosses. A new ceiling made from wooden lamellae is proposed for virtually the whole floor. The colour design is based on company colours of the Swiss company Winterthur – white, black, orange and greyscale