sport and leisure

National museum of agriculture in Čáslav

address U Drobovic 1762 Čáslav

concept 2010

charakter akce concept

area-gifa 900 m2

client Národní zemědělské muzeum v Praze

photo/image Filip Zelenka


Project of the visitor's centre was a part of the master plan of the national agriculture museum in Čáslav. The shape of the building is based on a traditional organization of rural farms. Proposed buildings are organized in U-shaped layout. On one side, the wing reminds of a traditional granary, cotes, sheds. On the other side, the wing is based on the typology of room, pantry, stables, etc. These two wings are connected by a solid figure in the form of a barn. A courtyard in the middle is a central point of the building. The whole building is covered with a saddle roof. Shape of the building gradate from a lower part (north-west wing) through the barn to a highest point (north-east wing). This gradation follows the direction of the visitor's tour and emphasizes a hierarchy of spaces. Exterior part of the exhibition is placed in the courtyard (examples of historical machines) and in the garden (examples of historical machines and agricultural labour)