BIM conferences 2022


September and October is such a "season" of BIM conferences. We are interested in current trends and information regarding BIM and the digitization of the construction industry, which is why we participated in all 4 of the most interesting BIM conferences.

We were in person in Olomouc at CADforum 2022, online at BIM Open 2022, but we also actively participated in panel discussions at the 2nd hybrid BIM conference at FOR ARCH and at BIMDAY 2022.

Standardization and the obligation to use the BIM method and the status of the DSS data standard at the ČAS Agency were probably the most lively and consistent topics at a

ll these events.

other news

cena arnosta lustiga

Casua partner of the Arnošt Lustig Award

Šimon Pánek, the director and founder of "Člověk v tísni", was the tenth laureate of this award. The award is given for courage, bravery, humanity and justice. Congratulations!

The new building of the Vsetín Municipal Office

Atelier CASUA was invited by the city of Vsetín to participate in the competition for the design of a new town hall, supplemented by the design of the adjacent square in front of the House of Culture, and the subsequent reconstruction of the existing municipal office building.

Jakub Seifert: Hradec Králové Stadium - interview

Interview about project challenges.

Come to the Dialogues in Time! Casua is partner of the exhibition.

The exhibition follows to some extent the first successful presentation of the exhibition New in the Old ten years ago. The topic of contemporary architecture in historical environments is often presented as a conflict between architects and conservationists. This simplification is unfortunately very misleading and in a sense prevents both sides from establishing a meaningful dialogue.

Casua became a sponsor of J.A.Angermayer exhibition

Casua became a sponsor of J.A.Angermayer exhibition. The unique collection of his work is to be seen in the Regional Art Gallery Liberec until 4.3.2018.

Housing Starokošířská

CASUA is currently working to fill the gap in Starokošířská Street with an apartment building. An interesting feature of this project is the suspended facade made of concrete, which gives the whole house a dynamic expression.