Aleš Poděbrad – interview on TVIZE


BIM is fundamentally changing the construction industry. It brings efficiency as well as sustainability to the industry. It saves users money.

How does the use of data change the processes of planning and designing current buildings? What does BIM bring to designers, investors and users of new buildings in practice? What are digital twins and what is the difference between BIM and older 3D programs? And how will it be built in the future?

MFS DX partner Roman Voráč, CASUA co-founder and managing director Aleš Poděbrad, Prague Airport Virtual Design & Construction manager Daniel Šmejkal and BIM participated in the discussion not only about the digitization of the construction industry and its effect on the form and use of future buildings but also about standardization and the need for education GEMO company manager Patrik Pokorný.

Hosted by Michala Hergetová on TVIZE


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