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Apartment complex Green Town


Project of the apartment complex consists of a total of 30 residential buildings. The development area is divided into two parts, location north and location south, according to the morphology and accessibility of transportation. The buildings are completed with adjacent terraces on the ground and on the roofs of garages. The terraces will serve for the residents as private gardens with no visual contact with the public areas. The arrangement of the buildings as a point houses allows a good integration into surrounding landscape.

The project Green town emphasizes application of the greenery. Green vegetation grows from the centre of the complex among the buildings. On the borders of the complex, the cultivated vegetation blends with the neighbouring vegetation; therefore, the project is an experimental combination of maximum feasible land use, preserving maximum of greenery and intimacy of the private gardens and keeping cars below the ground. The project is located n a close proximity of a master communication node. Despite of this handicap, the complex is be isolated in a hidden valley thanks to the terrain and built-up concept. The apartment houses are designed airy, generously glassed, with a reinforced concrete supporting structure and substructure. An integral part of the design is the project of landscaping, forest plantations, implementing non-forest vegetation and planting of greenery which will serve as a green corridor within the frame of the territorial system of ecological stability (územní systém ekologické stability – ÚSES). This system of greenery creates a high quality environment for the residents.


Author of planning permission – UAS s.r.o., Ing. arch. Myška

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