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Apartment complex – Pec pod Sněžkou


The urban solution is based on an architectural study prepared by ATIP a.s., where the newly designed development follows the existing urban structure of the village in this locality. The total accommodation capacity is divided into several detached houses in order to adjust the scale of the surrounding development and the nature of the national park. There are 5 apartment houses designed (A1, A2, B1, B2, B3), which are set in the terrain in two levels.

These buildings are designed especially for apartments that will have the service of hotel services – cleaning of rooms, hotel service, watering flowers, maintenance of the building, etc. In addition, the related operations, especially underground garages, cellars, and utility rooms. Furthermore, in two buildings are located service operations such as reception, wellness, fitness, and restaurant.

The buildings A1 and A2 are located at the lower level, the buildings B1-B3 create a row of houses placed on the contour line about 6.5 m higher. A service route is proposed between the two series. The design takes advantage of the slope of the land – technical and warehouse space, garages, fitness centers, and partly wellness are embedded in the terrain.

The facade is inspired by traditional Krkonoše architecture. Looking at the facade, we can see the texture of the underlying wood. On the other hand, when viewed from an angle, a color combination resembles mountain huts in the region. A symbiosis of modern and traditional architecture is present.

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