Architecture Day – VFN Central Boiler Room


We are very happy that we could participate in the Architecture Days. Two days ago we had two guided tours with architect Oleg Haman, who collaborated with Karel Prager on the Kotelna project, and Karel Frankl, the project's chief engineer.

“The central boiler house designed by architect Karel Prager in 1993 is a gem of Brutalist architecture. The normally inaccessible technical facilities of the General University Hospital in Prague are in a completely original state, except for the replaced boiler technology, and are used for its heat supply. The futuristic building in the shape of a spire is at first sight striking with its high chimney and is the only part of Prager’s extensive project for a new campus of the University Hospital to be realized. The original four steam boilers were gradually replaced with three hot water boilers during two renovations and the distribution to the hospital is via a pass-through collector. The building is supported by metal beams that flow smoothly into the boiler room chimney, the lining is original ceramic. Previously 12 technicians worked here, but nowadays the technology is operated remotely. However, the boiler house remains almost in its original state and its seemingly abandoned interior can easily take you back 30 years.”


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