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Banská Bystrica Hospital

For the F. D. Roosevelt University Hospital in Bánská Bystrica, we designed the entrance building and the architectural design of the facades of the new buildings in cooperation with colleagues in Slovakia.

The entrance building is designed as an organic wave connecting the new simple cubic parts of the hospital with the existing polyclinic. The façade of the entrance building is as glazed as possible. The northern building is divided into several functional units by floors: a dining area with a training centre on the ground floor, a parking house on the 2nd and 3rd floor and a medical and administrative area on the remaining floors. These functions are also reflected in the facade design on each floor.

The main facade is made of white composite panels. The windows are complemented by a blue-green sill plate. The lower part consists of a ventilated façade made of blue-green composite panels and is complemented by panels made of expanded metal as a carrier for climbing greenery. The southern building is divided into a base and a bed part of an X-shaped plan. According to the volumetric arrangement, the architectural design of the individual facades is proposed. The base is designed as a simple cube clad in white large-format ceramic tiles.

The sleeping area is divided by a vertical format of windows with a distinctive horizontal division using facade sunroofs. The vertical window format is complemented by a sill plate with a blue-green plate. The main façade is in white plaster. The end positions are highlighted with a white ventilated composite panel façade.

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