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Bořislavka Centre

Technical design

Since mid-2017 Casua has been preparing project documentation for the construction of the multifunctional building BOŘISLAVKA CENTRE designed by AFA – Aulík Fišer architekti. Since the beginning of 2018, a reinforced concrete skeleton with five underground floors has been built on Evropská Street in Prague 6, connecting the center with the airport. From the foundation pit, it has a common 220 m long base for four aboveground buildings. The highest of them, eight storey building, is closest to the metro station Bořislavka, the others are stepping down one floor, one by one, towards the center and at various levels create luxury terraces that offer a view of the panorama of a large part of Prague. In various cuts of glass facades and attics, the architect’s intention to create four dominant crystals, suitable for the location of exclusive offices, is clearly readable. The ground floor, and especially the passages located on two underground floors connected directly to the metro station, will offer shops, restaurants and a supermarket with generous amounts of space for relaxation and rest. Even the outdoor space between buildings will create a pleasant environment for sitting by the lake, geysers, greenery or art sculptures. Other underground spaces are intended for parking, car wash, warehouses and all facilities of the Bořislavka center.

One of the main requirements of the implementation team is the high demand for aesthetics and architectural design in the smallest detail. Good motivation for such an approach is the awarding of the prestigious architectural award World’Best and European Best in the International Property Awards 2019-2020 competition in the category Best Mixed-use Architecture and Best Office Development Europe. The Bořislavka Office & Shopping Center project stood up to the competition of the most-watched buildings in the world, it is no coincidence that the investor entrusted the project to the Casua team. The vast majority of design work is already finished. Now Casua incorporates the requirements of future tenants and performs copyright supervision over the implementation.

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