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ByTy Malešice


Multifunctional complex with predominantly residential function is divided into two stages. At each stage we implement three houses, two of which are always high-rise. These towers are either associated with lower residential houses, or standing alone.

The tallest tower in Počernická Street is to have twenty floors, and will become a new landmark of Malešice. Completion of construction of the first stage, called ‚the East’, with 290 residential units is planned for the first half of 2012.

The project is located in a part of town where residential buildings with pedestrian zone prevail. The intention is to create a new innate centre of Malešice. For this reason the ground floors will be dedicated to shops, services, restaurants and cafes with front terraces. Parterre will be complemented by other elements of street furniture such as benches, playground, fountains or flower pots for planting trees. This will provide a comfortable place for the inhabitants of newly designed buildings as well as for the existing residents of Malešice.

Architectural designs, including a variety of colours should distinguish the new proposed buildings from the existing housing estate. Massive application of greenery is essential feature of this project. Greenery will be not used only in the parterre but also on the building themselves. Vertical lamellas on the facades will serve as a support for climbing plants, provide a sun-protection and privacy. On each balcony will be an integrated flower-pot. Visible roof will be designed as green with an intense greening. Two luxurious private terraces over three floors high are designed in each tower house. These terraces will be equipped by a full-grown tree and will be located to be visible from all directions. The framed trees on the upper floors will became the most significant attribute of the whole project.

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