Casua became a sponsor of J.A.Angermayer exhibition


Casua became a sponsor of J.A.Angermayer exhibition. The unique collection of his work is to be seen in the Regional Art Gallery Liberec until 4.3.2018.


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Territorial study of Kolín - Vinice location

The territorial study examines specific possibilities for the distribution of the land for public transport and technical infrastructure.

The Bořislavka Center has won a prestigious award

International Property Awards 2019-2020

Modernization and construction of the premises of the Faculty Hospital Trnava

The design of the urban planning solution is based on the solution for traffic management of the new hospital building, from the surrounding urban planning context buildings, from the requirements of individual medical and non-medical facilities and their logical continuity within the monoblock, from requirements of the spatial plan, from the known limits of the area and from the requirement for a simple and clear orientation of the patient (client hospital) both in the area of the hospital complex and inside the monoblock.

Arcus City - Rough construction completed

We are releasing a photoshoot of the October results of the Arcus City residential complex in Prague's Stodůlky. The composition of the selected design is based on the shape of the terrain of the building plots, which form a large natural shallow bowl, a kind of crescent, ideally oriented to the south sunny side.

Visit from Obermeyer

On Friday 14 October we had a special visit from Obermeyer - architect Christopher Knabe, who runs the Shang-Hai office, and Jens Ulrich from Munich, who runs the Obermeyer Group. Thank you for an inspiring reunion.

Hovorcovice Municipality

Hovorčovice Municipal Office

Competition 2020