Casua returns to Vinice


Like every human being, each house has its own life story. As architects and civil engineers, we were present when the Vinice commercial and administrative centre with the adjoining Palouk residential complex was established almost twenty years ago. At that time, it was one of the largest realized ensembles of this type in Prague. The Vinice (Vineyard) project was our first large project of a large ensemble.

After almost two decades, major tenant moved out and after a decision was made on a complete reconstruction, a new period of life for this building begins. We are glad that we can participate in the reconstruction, which seeks to transform the original building into a modern commercial and administrative centre in the standard of the 21st century. The aim is to create a pleasant working environment surrounded by greenery, which is also located near the city centre. When designing the overall modifications in terms of technological solutions, attention was paid to the impact on the environment and the amount of energy needed for the operation of the building.

The functional use of the building is mostly administrative with additional services on the ground floor of the building – supermarket, pizzeria and cafe. The basement in the range of three underground floors serves as technical facilities, storage facilities and underground garages. The above-ground floors will be used as office space or areas prepared for tenants’ client installations. Office spaces are designed to allow flexible layout according to the needs of individual tenants. Thanks to the floor plan of the building with internal atriums, it is possible to efficiently distribute workplaces with regard to providing daylight. The quality of the working environment is also enhanced by the newly designed atriums with greenery. Another revival of the interior is the new representative entrance hall and elevator lobby on each floor.

As part of the reconstruction, the public space and ground floor in the immediate vicinity of the building, including greenery, will be revitalized. The new pleasant outdoor environment will be an added value for people working in the building.

Veronika Hájková, architect of the Vinice 2019 project

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