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Správa železnic Headquarters

The railway is a historically inseparable and living organism of Smíchov. The new Smíchov Terminal will be one of the busiest transport and railway junctions, connecting Prague not only with the southwestern part of the republic but also with the relevant part of Europe. The administrative building of the highest body of the Czech Railways thus appears to be a natural part of the entire complex. Its windows, offices, stairs, and entire buildings line up along the tracks like trains and wagons in constant turmoil and movement.

CASUA and the CTU iKariéra Fair in Prague 2022

After a long break caused by the pandemic, the iKariéra trade fair was held at CTU again.

New centre Jesenice

Urbanistic competition. The solved area represents the innermost centre of the town of Jesenice today. It is a triangular village square at the intersection of two roads. Despite many negative aspects, the place has retained its original urban footprint.

cena arnoste lustiga

Casua partner of the Arnošt Lustig Award

The Arnošt Lustig Prize is awarded annually to one of the living Czech citizens who, in a similar way to Arnošt Lustig, has contributed to the maintenance and development of societal values, such as courage and bravery, humanity and justice. The award is not focused primarily on the field of art or science, ie on areas that are currently receiving a lot of attention in general.

Oleg Haman - Interview for Regional Television

Kam směřuje světová a česká architektura? Vytváří se tady nějaký ojedinělý styl anebo jde česká architektura ruku v ruce tou světovou? Na to vše odpověděl zakladatel studia CASUA Oleg Haman.

Smíchov City South

In the area of ​​the Smíchov City Jih a Sever project, the developer of which is Sekyra Group, we are designing 4 large buildings. We use the advantages of 3D design for all of them and the BIM method directly for two of them.


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