Ceremonial opening of the CSO building


The grand opening of the central building of the Czech Statistical Office in Prague represented not only a significant milestone in the modernization of infrastructure, but also a contribution to improving the working environment and efficiency of public institutions.

The event, which involved an extensive transformation of the building, including the replacement of the shell, insulation, modernisation and the addition of technological equipment, symbolised an effort to create a modern and sustainable working environment for employees and the public.

Thanks to the close collaboration with Casua studio and other experts, the optimization of spaces and technical solutions was achieved, contributing to the efficiency and reduction of the building’s energy consumption.

The renovation was carried out under the EPC scheme of MARHOLD and D-Energy, thanks to which savings of CZK 16 million are guaranteed.

The main tasks included the removal of the unventilated façade which was causing problems and costs in maintenance. Another problem was the unsatisfactory level of the indoor environment, as the building did not have air-conditioned or forced-ventilated offices. Overall, the renovation was also aimed at reducing energy consumption in the operation of the building.

See the result here…

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