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Hovorcovice Municipality

Hovorčovice Municipal Office

Competition 2020

The announcer of the competition: Municipality of Hovorčovice
The subject of the competition: “The subject of the competition was the elaboration of an architectural design for the new seat of the Municipal Office in Hovorčovice and its surroundings. The municipality has recently undergone great and rapid development and therefore needs to strengthen its center and build adequate civic amenities, which will facilitate communication between the inhabitants and the administration of the municipality. ” (ČKA)
Type of competition: Single-phase open project architectural competition.

The building is shaped into a simple mass with a gabled roof. The house was located with its longitudinal axis perpendicular to Revoluční Street so that its northern gable completed the street line of the Old Square. The building is oriented to the area of ​​the intersection with its longer facade so that the entrance area to the municipal office is created.
The northern facade opens into the area of ​​the Old Square. The two-story building is topped by a roof with a ridge at one height and the same slope of the roof throughout its course. The geometry of the roof above the trapezoidal floor plan uses a slight gradation of the roof edge towards Nádražní Street to highlight the corner position. A funnel-shaped leeward space is created at the point of entry. The northwest corner of the building is glazed on the 1st floor and materially recessed. This will create a terrace and stairs leading to the newly built public space in the western part of the Old Square. The stairs are complemented by seating elements. The facade of the building consists of vertical slats without additional members. The windows are indicated by milled rectangular fields.

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