Dialogues in Time


We would like to share with you some photos from the exhibition and debate at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague, where the exhibition Dialogues in Time is taking place.

The exhibition focuses on contemporary architecture in the Czech Republic in a historical context. In part, it is also a tribute to architect Ricardo Bofill, whose work has influenced the contemporary character of Prague’s Karlín district.

It presents more than fifty reconstructions, new buildings and interventions in public spaces

across the country, in which history meets the present in a sensitive yet confident manner. Visitors will be able to get to know, for example, the award-winning reconstruction of the Helfštýn Castle complex, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, the Silo Tower in Olomouc, the cable car station in Pustevny or the depository of the North Bohemian Research Library in Ústí nad Labem.

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