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The Fragment building with 140 rental housing units, with commercial space of more than 2,300 m2 and underground garages for no less than 120 cars, was a challenge for Casua from many points of view.

The structural solution of the suspension bridge parts had to be painstakingly coordinated with the technical distribution and the architect’s requirements for the appearance of the facade. Here, distribution routes were precisely designed to the millimeter in combination with atypical interventions in reinforced concrete structures, so that we could achieve a minimum distance from the structure.

Due to the location of the building near the metro tube and the protection of the user of the building from unwanted vibrations, great care was taken to solve the minimization of this unwanted effect. The vibration isolations are placed on the beam grid under the ceiling slab of the floor. With this solution, their range was effectively optimized without losing the required vibration damping.

The heating method using thirty geothermal wells up to a depth of 180 m and the provision of so-called gray water for flushing and irrigation from two own drilled wells is also unique for an apartment building. Even the own heating and cooling elements are innovatively placed in the false ceilings. These requirements of the investor required the solution of experienced specialists capable of merging multiple technologies into a single functioning unit.

Considering the complexity of the construction and the high demands on the accuracy of the designs, Casua welcomed the investor’s decision to have the project documentation drawn up in BIM quality. That is, in a 3D model with integrated parameters. Such documentation then facilitates the construction process and is further useful in the management of the building in its life cycle. Already during the implementation, this decision proves to be correct and all construction participants are actively working with the construction model. We at Casua are happy about this because what has been a common practice for us for many years has found its successful application with another builder.

Investor: Trigema
Architectural studio: Quarta
Work of art: David Černý



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