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Helsinki South Harbour

Competition 2011

We need to keep the identity and atmosphere of the place. The connection of the historic downtown with the sea, sea transport and the market is of the utmost importance for us. The composition axes and visual vistas are very important. The views from Tahtitormin Vuomi Park and the harbour panorama must remain undisturbed. Anchoring tourist boats, passenger boats, private and fisherman’s boats, the hustle and bustle and the crowds of people, this is an inseparable part of this locality. Cars are everywhere, and the asphalt areas are unnatural foreign elements. The transport and parking should be organised better and in a more effective way, the operation at terminals must be more efficient, and the necessary transport zones should be visually separated. The terminals mean new opportunities and new challenges. Demolition of the Kanava Terminal, K6 Building, K7 Building and the Makasiini Terminal will enable further development. Our vision is an apartment with a view of the panorama of the city and the sea, as well as office rooms with a view of the harbour. We imagine a varicoloured public space for both citizens and incoming visitors –  a public space which offers the possibility to stay, spend free time and meet people or relax, a public space which is provided with quality urban facilities. Our idea is an attractive promenade at the sea’s edge. People can experience a visual contact with the sea. The tramway is lead along a new route and there are new tram stops. New routes for pedestrians and cyclists are collision-free and are linked to tracks in the surrounding areas. We can see green public spaces, new green areas. Tahtitormin Vuomi Park is connected with a leisure park; the greenery is stretched to the water. EsplanadI Park is extended to Etelafaranta Street, to the edge of Market Square. A new alley borders and defines Market Square. The extension of the alley in Kanavakatu Street extends the eastern axis of the territory. Looking down from Tahtitormin Vuomi Hill we can see a composition of green areas and green roofs.

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