Jaroslava fashion show


This year on October 10th we again participated and supported the fashion brand "Jaroslava". The theme of this year's show was tradition and took place in the Lucerna Palace.

other news

We bring great news!

The Rudolfinum Terraces project continues in full swing. Thanks to successful fundraising, we have started the design. Stay tuned, we still have many exciting things in store!


We have designed a new club fitness studio for women in the historic Ladronka estate! SOULADRONKA - the project was created thanks to two inspiring investors, one of whom is a leading Czech climber Klára Kolouchová. The studio has two modern exercise rooms, relaxation areas for massages and spacious dressing rooms. There is also a lounge area in the form of a café/bar and a beautiful terrace with stunning views of the Prague skyline.

Arcus city has its foundation stone.

Arcus city - residential complex

Visit from Obermeyer

On Friday 14 October we had a special visit from Obermeyer - architect Christopher Knabe, who runs the Shang-Hai office, and Jens Ulrich from Munich, who runs the Obermeyer Group. Thank you for an inspiring reunion.

Správa železnic Headquarters

The railway is a historically inseparable and living organism of Smíchov. The new Smíchov Terminal will be one of the busiest transport and railway junctions, connecting Prague not only with the southwestern part of the republic but also with the relevant part of Europe. The administrative building of the highest body of the Czech Railways thus appears to be a natural part of the entire complex. Its windows, offices, stairs, and entire buildings line up along the tracks like trains and wagons in constant turmoil and movement.

Territorial study of Kolín - Vinice location

The territorial study examines specific possibilities for the distribution of the land for public transport and technical infrastructure.