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Korunní Residence


Awarded – BEST OF REALTY 2011 (Award of the readers)


The project of Korunní Residence is located in the Vinohrady district, Prague. Korunní Street is one of the oldest in Vinohrady. Although the buildings are designed truly contemporary, the whole complex respects the existing urban structure. The group of apartment houses creates a city block which is a characteristic figure in Vinohrady.


Residence Korunní is designed as a housing estate with predominant residential function. Some shops and ateliers will be located in the northern part adjacent to the Korunní Street. The northern building was displaced from the original angled street line, thus the housing estate has gained a new generous public space in front of the building. This space is open to Korunní Street and the finishing touches were made by new trees and lawns. Street furniture, such as benches, street lighting or litter bins were installed.


The project is accessible for persons with limited mobility. Both the interiors of the buildings and the public spaces are designed with this aspect in mind. The pedestrian crossings, trams stops and tram shelters were modified to be accessible for everyone.

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