Letter of thanks for Bořislavka


Bořislavka is one of the most significant projects of the last decade and we are incredibly grateful to have been involved in its design.

In this post we share excerpts from Mr. Komarek’s thank you letter from 2021. And that’s not all – soon we will show you what he gave us as a thank you for our work.

If you feel like learning more, read our interview with Radan Jurásek, Senior Civil Engineer at CKAIT, and immerse yourself in his unique perspective on the entire construction process.


“I would like to thank you for participating in constructing our new headquarters in Bořislavka.
The Bořislavka center is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive buildings built in Prague in the last decade, and we can be rightfully proud of it. It was inspiring for me to work with the whole team: We had a clear vision and we carried it through to the final. Today’s Bořislavka, which we thought about, shaped and changed, would not have been created without our discussions. And in the end, the work was created, I dare say better than what was the initial intention. We completed the complex of buildings according to plan, despite the beginning being complicated by an incredibly long permit procedure and the end by the coronavirus pandemic.
I was looking for something that would best symbolize this unique building. Ledovec chandelier was designed specifically for Bořislavka and more than other words accurately describes her genius loci.
Oleg and Aleša, please accept this symbolic tip of the iceberg as an expression of thanks for your professionally done work.”

Sincerely, Karel Komárek, 2021

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