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Do you know the LIHOVAR Smíchov project? It is a multi-functional residential housing project by the company Trigema, where CASUA is the General Designer.

This unique project will offer modern living that respects the exciting history of this place. The architects from Black n’ Arch managed to beautifully plant the mass of this building in the brownfield of the former Fischl and Sons distillery. As part of the second stage, an area will be built with housing units intended exclusively for rent. A gastronomic experience in the form of a food market will also complement the value of the area.

In the third stage, there will be rental housing units together with units intended for sale. There will be retail and a supermarket on the ground floor.

From a technical point of view, in this project, we can boast of solving several challenges, such as preserving the chimney, which will serve as a viewpoint accessible by the elevator in the cavity of its structure. Other points of interest are, for example, prefabricated bathrooms, vibration isolation solutions for passing trams and geothermal wells.

The use of geothermal wells is not the only ecological aspect of this project. We will hand over the documentation for the construction permit, i.e. “Paperless” – exclusively in digital format. This saves a tremendous amount of paper.

We are proud to be part of this project.

Investor: Trigema a.s.

Project presentation:

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