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Malkovského apartment building


The land is located in the northern part of the Letňany housing estate on the corner of Malkovského and Krausova streets. The apartment building has 12 ordinary above-ground floors and one setback in the western part of the property. The urban layout is designed so that the high-rise building complements the existing row of three tower houses along Krausova Street.

The building is designed as a high-rise with two underground floors and a basement garage in the scope of the former building. Garages are located in 1PP and 2PP.

The entrance to the apartment building is located from the north in the western part of the plot, so the house is turned with its entrance towards the intersection. The entrance to the garage is located from the north – Malkovského street in the eastern part of the property. The entire building is sunk approx. 1400mm below the level of the surrounding terrain, the first residential floor 1NP is located 2000mm above the terrain. On the 1st floor, there are apartments and a warehouse for the needs of SVJ. An entrance to the green roof above the garage is proposed from the common corridors of the house. Part of the roof is designated as a front yard for the adjacent apartment. The remaining part of the common garden is divided into a part with herb beds, a part with shaded picnic tables and a part for a children’s playground. The remaining upper floors are purely residential.

The main facade is designed in a contact insulation system with white (light) plaster, and the recessed areas behind continuous balconies are designed in gray (dark) plaster. The parapets on the balconies and the additional rectangles at the selected windows are also designed in the same shade. The elevator shaft and the recessed floor will be the same material. A shade of red is chosen as the accent color. The window frames will be plastic with dark gray foil. The railing will be a steel element with an anthracite coating, and the set of balconies above the bay window from the west is equipped with a railing with a red coating.

The shared garden will be planted with shrubs and trees in mounds of mounded earth. Raised beds will be built for growing herbs and ornamental flowers. The entire parterre will be supplemented with landscaping, including climbing plants along the facade of the one-story wing of the garage.


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