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Multi-unit housing at – Hübnerové street


New residential building in Hübnerova street in Prague 5 – Košíře with 3 above ground and 1 underground floor. Part of the project is the solution of part of the Hübner road and the solution of landscaping within the investor’s land.

The designed apartment building with three above-ground floors respects the surrounding development, which is two-storeyed, but with a raised ground floor and a gabled roof. The mass of the house was further reduced by vertically shifting half of the building half a storey lower, and by horizontal division using a glass core into two volumes. The resulting mass gives the impression of several smaller solitaires rather than one building.

The design of roads complements and builds on existing roads. It extends the pavement from Nedošínská Street to Hübnerová Street. The proposal also includes the design of 13 new parking spaces.

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