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Multi-unit housing in Hlubočepy

Project 2019

The newly designed apartment building is divided into two masses. The masses are equally high with different width/length ratios. Objects are slightly rotated to the file. This solution is based on the original footprint of the buildings of the former historical complex.

The size of the buildings corresponds to the size of the original buildings in the locality as eg: Slovanka Chateau and its farm buildings, Hlubočepy Chateau with adjacent buildings. The new buildings are located on the plot parallel to the contour lines. The materials are set in the slope so that two floors with a larger part of the peripheral masonry are created below the ground level, ie an underground floor and three above-ground floors. Due to the location of the building on a slope near the railway track and partial embedding into the slope, it is preferable to leave part of the cellar structure of the existing building as a supporting structure.

The basic regulation and architectonic element fulfilling the character of the locality is the shaping of the roof. A gable roof with a longitudinal direction of the ridge was designed. The selected materials and the structure of the facade correspond to the character of the site. The facades of both buildings are designed in a traditional way – raster plaster with individual window openings. From the east and southeast sides open to the valleys is characteristically complemented by balconies.

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