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Terminal Nehvizdy

Nehvizdy Terminal

Competition 2021

The announcer of the competition: Railway administration, state organizations

The subject of the competition: „The subject of the competition was the elaboration of an architectural – urban design for the purposes of the future construction of the new Prague East railway terminal, which will be part of the very first high – speed section in the Czech Republic as a transfer hub between High-speed track Prague – Brno and High-speed track Prague – Hradec Králové. With its architectural and technical solution, the terminal will symbolize a new era of railway transport and infrastructure in the Czech Republic, which will be connected to the European railway network after the completion of High-speed track.“ (ČKA)

Type of competition: Open project single-phase architectural-urbanistic competition.

The main idea of the urban location of the Prague East Terminal is its location in the central part above the railway corridor outside the urban area of the village with the main entrance from the south. The road III / 10163 to the village of Horoušany thus runs along the roof of the terminal in a long, high-rise arc and further in a southerly direction into one-way roads, which then meet at a generous roundabout. In front of the main entrance to the terminal, these roads define the main public pre-station area with bus and taxi stops – a square with a centrally located monument to Operation Anthropoid. The station hall itself is accessible from the ground level in the southern part and is built into the new bridge III / 10163. When passing north, new vistas of the central historical part of Nehvizd with the church are created.

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