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Nové Modřany residence

The Nové Modřany residence is part of a broader development activity in the locality, which it conceptually closes with its position and timing.

The apartment complex is located in the southern part of Prague, on the right bank of the Vltava about 300m west of the river, near Komořanská Street. Together with neighbouring projects, the location is being developed for today’s needs and offers added value to the brownfield areas of the former sugar factory premises. With its composition, the proposal reacts to the adjacent villas and family houses, so as to create a gradual transition between the existing and the new in scale, and at the same time, thanks to the loosening of the objects, it connects the adjacent sports fields with the housing development, both visually and in terms of permeability. The ensemble consists of 4 towers of different heights, which share a standard hidden plinth, through which they at the same time cope with the distinctive morphology of the plot.
The space between the houses will offer maximum pedestrian connections, which are carefully supplemented with new planting. The composition is based on typical local trees and vegetation, with a reminiscence of the orchard of a sugar factory. The ground floor offers a diverse range of spaces with play and exercise elements and living areas with furniture in the neighbourhood of the ensemble’s front gardens. The public space is complemented by a small object of public amenities, which will expand the offer in the locality.

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