Oleg Haman: Českomoravská stavební spořitelna – interview


What do you think about our new model of Českomoravská stavební spořitelna? It is one of the older realisations from 1999. In the meantime, ČMSS has been renamed ČSOB.

We were very surprised to find out that we have almost no information about the CMSS project. What a pity!

So today we tried to make up for it with Mr. Haman, who told us a lot of interesting things about the project.

How did you get the project? What’s the story behind it?

I remember when we had to convince the management of the CMSS, so we prepared for them in the film studios (in Hostivař) one part of the 1:1 project. We modelled one whole module: pillars, added real furniture…it was an interesting experience! The responsible people from the board of ČMSS decided to support this project and became the first clients. They were the first ones to buy a house there, signed the contract right away and started paying monthly deposits for the construction of the house. Then the whole Vinice complex started to be built slowly.

How big is the project? And how did the two buildings come into being?

We have about 20,000 m2 of above-ground space and 20,000 m2 of underground space for archives for contracts, etc. Since the first building (the ellipse) did not meet the capacity conditions, another building was added. What I find interesting about it is that it is oriented in one direction and has a facade, in the form of a mirror, that mirrors the opposite building of the ellipse. For better communication between the houses (in terms of administration), a neck – a footbridge was created, which connected them on 2 floors (2nd and 3rd floor). The last floor housed the Czech and German members of the board of directors. There is already a funny story about this, where due to the fact that there were members from two countries, everything had to be balanced, so they counted per cm2 how big their offices were – so that they had the same offices. It was redone several times because of that. (laughs)

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