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Multifunctional Football Stadium of Hradec Králové

Concept 2020

The new appearance of the stadium is derived from the existing valid documentation for the building permit. The stadium consists of four grandstands with free corners. The grandstands are designed from a half set on the ground and the other half is made of a reinforced concrete prefabricated structure. The simple constructions of the grandstands are complemented by the built-in buildings of cafeterias, toilets and other rooms intended for the operation of the stadium. The only western grandstand is designed as a building with three above-ground and one underground floor. The basic material and colour solution is derived from the traditional club white-black colour combination.
All four grandstands are covered by a single hanging roof with rounded corners. The roof is designed as a steel structure. The individual roof beams are anchored to a pair of gutters by means of tie rods and steel columns above the roof plane. columns. Trapezoidal sheet metal is used as the roof covering. The columns – both steel and concrete – will be painted black. Trapezoidal sheet and other structural steel. the roof elements will be painted white from below. The roof is bounded on its outer perimeter by an attic made of black smooth sheet metal.

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