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Prague ZOO – Amazonie pavilion

Concept 2012

The main inspiration for our design was the river Amazon and its form. The visitors follow the flow of the water of the Amazon. A roof of the rainforest exposition was inspired by the form of the armadillo body. The structure of the roof is created by the truss girders. The ETFE foil on the roof let the light pass inside to the exposition.

The existing pavilion will be renovated, the existing unattractive roof of the pavilion will be replaced with the same type of roofing that covers the rainforest – ie. ETFE foil. Furthermore, the new pavilion will be backfilled with soil on the sides and covered by artificial rocks, so the building itself will be mostly invisible.

The existing pavilion building will be disassembled so that it remains only the concrete structure. New waterproofing and thermal isolation will meet the standard requirements.

Technologies for the air ventilation, heating, cooling, water treatment of the expositions are located in the basement of the existing pavilion.

The new pavilion will be protected against the flood on level Q 2002.

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