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Primary School – Rohan Embankment

Competition 2022

The design is a non-violent combination of the organic world of nature – curves, free movement, lots of greenery, and natural materials – and of a rigid urban structure – rationally arranged wings with an emphasis on the desired function, embracing the green courtyard.

The architecture here allows the development of a new microcosm supporting the educational and social functions of the institution. The whole school space is a teacher for the pupils, educates them, but also lets them play and allows them to be part of a sustainable environment and architecture. Pupils can walk freely and easily across school premises, indoors and outdoors, find new paths, learn about values, taste, observe, and get closer to nature. At the same time, however, they must maintain, take care of, respect and protect this environment.

The building offers considerable variability and possibilities for space division. As a result, it can also serve the general public at various sporting or cultural events, and the microcosm of knowledge can thus have a more significant impact beyond the school itself.


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