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Residence Křemencova


It is a design of construction work and superstructure with a polyfunctional character. The building has underground parking, but at the level of the inner courtyard on the 1st floor is a green roof designed. Plants are proposed at the level of the 1st floor and the 1st-floor shop or offices. Then on the 1st floor and further from the 2nd floor to the attic level which is above the 6th floor are apartments.

The facade of the existing house from Křemencova Street remains original. historicizing. There is no thermal insulation cloak. The façade within the yard is made with a perimeter cladding with a visible material either ceramic tiles imitating the color and structure of sandstone, or the stone lining itself of sandstone. In little exposed parts in the yard, there will be a contact plaster on the thermal insulation of the house.

A set of landscaping is created in the parterre of the project, in the courtyard. The material solution of the facades is evident from the views. The roof is designed as a sloping, saddle with roofing commonly used in this part of the historic monument zone, ie. with ceramic pleated coverings. The receding parts of the building in the courtyard are designed as walk-on terraces. These terraces form partial flat roofs.

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