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Residence Na Neklance


Completion of the existing development principle. A loose structure of buildings was chosen, in principle following the western side of the site. Building B is a detached building, maintaining approximately the same distance between the street front. Building A is installed so as to complement and terminate the block development. Building C is then a solitary house corresponding to the residential area in the neighborhood.

The main materials used in the design of the study are, in particular, ceramic cladding of the facade, glazing, admitted concrete and metal and wooden elements. Objects B and C are designed in a way that the peripheral masonry and its material are highlighted in the longitudinal direction of the object. This masonry encloses the building itself, which is highlighted on the shorter sides of the building by a different type of façade solution and the material used. The accentuated peripheral masonry is designed from ceramic tile strips (eventually with a colored plaster). On these facades are located strip windows, which are interrupted by balcony panels.

The same motif is then used as a screening sliding element in front of the window openings themselves. This is how the shorter facades of buildings B and C are designed.

The ground-floor apartments of these buildings are opened to the front gardens by large-format windows in the height of the floor, alternated by inter-window inserts lined with a dark gray sheet.

Object A is not solved in the principles of other objects. The building is completely lined with ceramic tapes. The motif and material design of the loggias remains the same.

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