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Residential Complex – Czech Terraces

Project 2010

The study is based on maps and a survey of the location taken in December 2007. The plot is on a narrow hill with a sub vertical incline of 23° to 36° (locally even 38°) and it is placed in an earthquake zone with high intensity (according to 10 ball unit in Russian system, where 12 is highest point).The estate is restricted by heights of 16m and includes 4 underground floors. Basic engineering has set the conditions and the limits any future building to be situated on the direct axis of the back with a minimal distance 7-10m from the edge of the incline.
The proposed object will be placed in the middle of the incline. The construction system is made of reinforced concrete  skeleton with a stable vertical core for the stairs and elevator. The building has two underground floors and three floors above ground. The underground floors are dug in to the hill with their facade orientated north-west. The second and third floors are wider than the ground floor and the top floor is recessed. Each apartment has a balcony or access to the front garden. The technical rooms are located in the second basement. Parking is on the grounds located near the entrance to the building. The study has planned for 13 apartments with 1-4 bedrooms and with separate kitchens based on local tradition. GFA of the area is 2643m2

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