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Restoration of the Prague 10 Municipality

Restoration - 2020

The seat of the Prague 10 District Office is part of the Vlasta housing estate, which grew up in the 1970s opposite the famous Koh-i-noor factory. The complex of three interconnected buildings no longer meets the requirements of the standard of the modern town hall, and its construction and technical condition also correspond to the time of its creation four decades ago. The town hall requires complete reconstruction, thanks to which the existing buildings will be transformed into a modern office building for public administration.

The “new” town hall is designed in accordance with current trends in public administration, with an emphasis on openness, affableness, and friendliness to citizens. At the same time, changes in the principles of communication with the public are being considered, ie the gradual replacement of personal visits by communications, payments, and correspondence in electronic form. This results in basic differences in the organization of the office compared to current practices. The town hall will be divided into several zones. The public will have unrestricted access to the entrance area. It will be located around the hall and will concentrate practically all activities in which public relations predominate – state administration counters, cash registers, filing office and at the same time additional services, such as a café, multifunctional hall, territorial development center, information center, Czech POINT, etc.

The next part will have the character of a modern administrative building for public administration. There will be unions that are open to the public on public days. Therefore, the main attention was paid to the solution of waiting zones for citizens. When modifying individual workplaces, the specifics of individual departments and services provided to residents will be taken into account.

The last part will be the representative. In this part, the self-government will find its place, which, in addition to the space for the management of the city district, will also have halls for meetings of the council and council. The base of the building will be used for parking personal vehicles of employees and visitors to the office and for the location of warehouses, archives, technological facilities, and areas for administration and security of the building. It is also expected to green part of the roof of the building and establish an outdoor living area for employees.


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