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Rezidence Waltrovka – II. stage

Realization 2019

The land is part of an extensive, originally industrial area, which is currently undergoing revitalization. There is the administrative-residential complex Waltrovka. Along the northwest site border, a busier road with a roundabout is placed.

The completed residential building ends with the emerging urban structure of four-storey residential houses and two storey terraced houses. On the east side it is followed by another enclosed building (already implemented).

The building has one underground and six above-ground floors, from which two are receding. The floor plan is rectangular with perpendicular shorter wing and total dimensions of 71 x 37 meters. The Upper structure is divided into three parts, each of them with the stairs. The lower building is used for common parking and technical facilities
Facades have emphasized horizontal divisions. The northern one has dark strips of narrow windows, while southern and western facades are emphasized with white and black balconies. The mass of receding floors is divided by projected elements of white rectangular frames, which are stretched over two floors.

The color concept is based on the contrast of white, light gray and anthracite surfaces. The facades are mainly plastered, while the projected elements are emphasized with the white alucobond tiling. The retaining and partition walls on the ground and basement level are gabion. Concrete balcony slabs are complemented with the white alucobond tiles and anthracite metal railings. The planting in the integrated flower beds on the balconies will also represent a distinctive color element.

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