See the progress of the Smíchov City construction


The construction of the SM1  and SM2 objects is coming to an end. We are really proud to see the outcomes of our designs.

other news

Modernization and construction of the premises of the Faculty Hospital Trnava

The design of the urban planning solution is based on the solution for traffic management of the new hospital building, from the surrounding urban planning context buildings, from the requirements of individual medical and non-medical facilities and their logical continuity within the monoblock, from requirements of the spatial plan, from the known limits of the area and from the requirement for a simple and clear orientation of the patient (client hospital) both in the area of the hospital complex and inside the monoblock.

The Czech Statistical Office shines in a new coat

The long-planned reconstruction of the CSO building at Skalka was completed. It is a new experience when the building that we designed in the CASUA studio 20 years ago is undergoing a complete revitalization.

This month we celebrate!

33 years ago, on 1.7.1990, the CASUA consortium was founded, and this is a reason to celebrate. We have 33 years of architecture and 19 years of designing in BIM.

Panorama of Czech and Slovak architecture

The exhibition "Czech and Slovak Architecture" is the most extensive retrospective of architecture in our countries for more than half a century. It is held on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czech and Slovak Republics.

cena arnosta lustiga

Casua partner of the Arnošt Lustig Award

Šimon Pánek, the director and founder of "Člověk v tísni", was the tenth laureate of this award. The award is given for courage, bravery, humanity and justice. Congratulations!

Multifunctional arena Pardubice

Urban and architectural study of a set of buildings dominated by a multifunctional hockey arena with a capacity of up to 21.5. thousand spectators.