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The Czech Statistical Office shines in a new coat

The long-planned reconstruction of the CSO building at Skalka was completed. It is a new experience when the building that we designed in the CASUA studio 20 years ago is undergoing a complete revitalization.

The most visible and distinctive element of the reconstruction is the new facade. The facade of the CSU seems to have risen from the ashes after all these years and breathed new life into the building. The exact technical and material treatment reflects the character of the precise and rational data from the Czech Statistical Office’s portfolio. The stark contrast of the black and white façade further enhances the building’s high-rise composition. The new logo placed on the upper attic of the building appropriately completes this intention.

The façade is part of a comprehensive reconstruction of the building and the building technology, which is intended to improve the quality and comfort of the indoor environment in the future and significantly reduce the energy requirements for heating and cooling the building. The CSU building has been renovated in the form of an EPC, where the renovation contractor is contractually guaranteed the energy savings proposed at the beginning of the project for 10 years.

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