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The terminal of the high-speed line in Jihlava!


In cooperation with colleagues from Obermeyer Infrastruktur München, we prepared a project with which we participated in an open architectural and urban planning competition.

The HSL transfer terminal and the local line create a compact linear unit that fits into the landscape panorama of the Vysočina highlands. The architectural solution is based on the rationality of the overall concept of the operational solution. The exact direct line of the HSL overpass enters the territory with the dominant accent of the cable suspension bridge. The overpass covers the station terminal, parking garage, bus station and IAD locations. All modes of transport connect directly to the entrance hall of the terminal. The main and only pylon of the bridge, 100 meters above the ground, symbolizes the needle that gave the city of Jihlava its name. 

The technical character of the bridge and the following flyovers are chained in the form of structural “V” elements also on the building of the terminal itself. 

The concept is based on the LCA calculation of the life cycle of the building, the reduction of the carbon footprint and the principle of passive house solutions. The design of the building is based on a material solution that aims to reduce the emissivity and reflection of materials. Which helps prevent overheating. The building uses renewable energy sources, rainwater harvesting and the blue-green infrastructure concept. 

Thank you to DOUSEK-ZABORSKY studio for the beautiful visualizations!

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