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Urban Study – Kralupy nad Vltavou


The assignment for the elaboration of an urban study for the regeneration of the city center in Kralupy nad Vltavou is very interesting and its conditions are unique. In the course of historical development, Kralupy did not create a very clear natural center, whose domain is a square with its usual functions.

With regard to the historical development, property rights and the technical construction of the buildings, this proposal identifies the buildings to be reconstructed, the buildings necessary for demolition and the areas and volumes for new development.

By opening the space after the Prague hotel we create an area of a square that fulfills all the above-mentioned functions. The proposed new buildings close the queues of the square so that the boundaries are clearly defined. The long-considered size – width and length correspond to the proportions of the surrounding objects so that in the future it will not become just an empty area without life. The front of the former brewery is also entering the square as a new element.

The suitability of such a solution was verified by the recent successful reconstruction of the Holešovice brewery. This element will bring to the center an architectural enhancement and together with the brewery yard and the building of former lager cellars will bring a part of the historical atmosphere, which is otherwise missing in the newly emerging city centers.

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