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Residential & Business Centre – Multi-use complex


The area of the construction of the housing estate and administrative centre Vinice Palouk is defined by a triangle of streets Vinohradská, Na Palouku and Počernická. This area has always been reserved in the Master plan of Prague as a local town centre of Prague 10. Southern part (buildings I, J, K) has the role of a gateway of the complex where shops and offices are placed along the Vinohradska boulevard. The corner building K (a headquarter of a bank Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, a.s.) is built on a ground plan in an eliptical shape, its longitudinal axis is parallel to the Starostrašnická street. Oskar Centrum (building J) is a multi-use building with an internal square and passages. Two 22-storey residential towers (buildings I1 and I2) have became a high-rise landmark of the whole complex. Northern part of the complex is created by apartment houses interconnected with terraces. Passages throughout the buildings allow free movement of pedestrians. A quiet square is situated in the centre of the northern part.


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