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Visionary restaurant

We present to you the smaller project of the Visionary Cafe restaurant in Prague 7 from 2018. For more information, read on.

Design concept

The design concept is based on the idea of ​​creating not only a space for fast food, but also a space where it will be possible to dine, rest and, possibly, conduct informal business meetings within the framework of a restaurant located in an administrative building. For this reason, it is divided into a zone for food, a zone for relaxation and a zone for informal work activities.
Different types of dining and seating are also designed within these zones, and a separate part of the cafe with its own bar counter is set aside. Visually, the space should be conceived as a “food and taste” fair. Meals are served at open counters where food is prepared in front of visitors and food and drink are displayed. The interior also includes decorative elements with motifs of raw materials, ingredients and spices. The restaurant serves both the administrative building in which it is located and the wider public.

Disposition solution

The layout solution is based on the separation of two zones of the gastro operation – the preparation part and the sales part. The preparation zone is located in a complete block in the west wing of the 1st floor. The other operating rooms – warehouses and employees’ changing rooms – are on the 1st floor. The floors are connected by a staircase. The sales area has a longitudinal shape, which is located along the glass facade of the building. The main entrance to this area is from the property lobby. There are three entrances to the space from the exterior – an incoming/outgoing entrance opposite the reception, a supply entrance near the preparation area and an outgoing entrance near the point of non-cash payments. The sales area is divided into the following parts – a zone of dispensing counters, a seating zone for quick consumption (places near the dispensing counters), a classic seating zone (middle part), a zone for relaxation and possible informal meetings – boxes and a cafe zone. A cafe with a separate bar counter is located at the end of the entire space. This part should offer visitors an informal sitting with coffee, drinks or additional cafe assortment. Outdoor seating is located outside the building along the facade.

Material and color solution

The material and color solution is based on the use of basic monochromatic surface materials in gray, white and black supplemented with yellow accents and stainless steel gastro elements. The dispensing counters are made in black (anthracite), and the cafe counter is white. The floors are gray. The composition is complemented by wooden elements – the floor in the cafe, boxes, tables, chairs and small furniture. The yellow color is used on selected elements that create the visual style of the entire space and at the same time facilitate orientation in the space. In the interior, the motif of greenery is used, both in the form of exposed raw materials and herbs and in the form of moss walls. Moss walls are almost maintenance-free interior decorations that only need to be dusted from time to time. Mummified moss is real living moss, only the moisture from the leaves has been replaced with an ecological, biodegradable preservative. Plants that are prepared in this way are preserved for many years and retain their natural appearance, aroma and color. This moss is used to fill the walls of the boxes as well as the material that makes up the “Vision Café” logo that sits above the boxes.

Interior design: Bea Design
Investor: Zátiší Group
Photo: David Maslowski


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