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Czech Statistical Office


The project of administrative building of the Czech Statistical Office was determinated by a planning permit project designed by studio Loxia. Especially the dimensions was fixed. The building is divided into three wings. First one (wing A) has 11 above-ground office floors and one service floor. Second one (transverse wing B) has 7 above-ground floor and one service floor. Third one (northern wing C) has 3 above-ground floors. The wing A is designed as a five-aisle building with a service and circulation core with elevators and two escape staircases. Another circulation core is in the intersection of wing A and wing B. The wing B is a two-aisle building and the wing C has a flexible lay-out according to operating exigencies. Building is designed on a grid 2.75 meters (on the facade) x 6 meters depth which is a basic module for a working place for two persons or for one office manager.

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