Tradition, professionalism, clear vision


    Architects and engineers with tradition.
    For over 30 years we have been creating projects from A to Z

  • Architecture

    Our team of architects can work at the top level with any assignment. We have the knowledge, technical background and creative approach.

  • Engineering

    The design of your projects is in good hands with us. Among other things, thanks to experts who know how to combine architecture and design with functionality and sustainability. All this with the help of modern technology.

  • BIM

    We are always looking for the best possible solutions and we want to be transparent. That is why we work in the BIM building information modelling system. This allows us to collect and share all available project data during implementation.

History of CASUA

History of CASUA

  • 24

    authorized professionals

    Our team includes 12 authorized architects and 12 authorized engineers and technicians.

  • 2 million

    hours spent on projects.

    Specifically, it is 2 252 096 hours. Every hour this number grows, and we are proud of it.

  • 8 billion CZK

    is the highest investment costs of one of our projects

    This was a hospital complex abroad.

  • 93

    average number of cups of coffee drunk per day

    Our coffee statistics showed a total of 18,383 cups of coffee consumed in 6 and a half months. Working on big projects requires a lot of doses of caffeine.

Awards for our projects

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Today's projects and yesterday's

Membership, which develop expertise and values.


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