BIM for better efficiency

At CASUA, we have created our own BIM standard  which include a data standard, element libraries, manuals, etc. to make our work on projects more efficient. The standard reflects our many years of experience with the BIM method and the software used.

We use current advanced tools and methods such as laserscan and virtual reality. We try to create paperless projects, where all participants in the construction process work only with digital documentation. Our designers and architects are equipped with their own tablets, through which they have access to current up-to-date documentation.

When using CDE (common data environment) we use the standard ČSN EN ISO 19650, which specifies workflows for information management using BIM.

Several of our colleagues in various positions (BIM manager, BIM coordinator, chief engineer project, architect, designer) completed the buildingSMART certification, during which they demonstrated their knowledge and ability to apply this standard.

Thanks to our experience with the BIM environment, our projects such as Corso Court and Fragment, used the BIM method valued.

We are part of the Expert Council for BIM (czBIM) and the BIM Concept Working Group of the Czech Republic Agency for Standardization (Agency ČAS), We continue to advocate for the standardisation and proper implementation of BIM methods in the Czech Republic.

BIM benefits

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    1 Spatial coordination

    Spatial coordination is very important to us. We want to reduce risks in construction, so our goal is to discover and solve as many collisions as possible.
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    2 Creating documentation directly from the BIM model

    Due to the detail with which we create BIM models, most of the project attachments are documentation (drawings, tables, etc.) generated directly from the model.
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    3 Statements

    We can use our BIM models as a basis for the budget. We cooperate with budgeters who can create a bill of quantities from our models themselves. This requires a detailed system of element coding.
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    4 Visualization

    Our architects can create high quality and detailed designs at any stage of the project because visualizations are generated from one common BIM model ensuring they correspond to the current building design.
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    5 Use of model data for other purposes

    Our BIM models are populated with information that can be used for various other purposes for subsequent use by the contracting authority, the contractor, and the construction operator. The basis is a high quality BIM model (PIM).


Selected BIM projects